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My Coffee Shop Guide: 22 Coffee Shops in Orlando, Florida

It's no secret that I love coffee and checking out new coffee shops; from cappuccinos, espressos, and lattes to plain coffee with cream and sugar, I'm always down for coffee. If you're a coffee lover like me, here are my thoughts on 22 coffee shops in and around Orlando. All coffee shops are linked! *I am not going crazy editing this, so please excuse any grammatical errors.*

Stemma Craft Coffee: I love Stemma! It's a cute coffee shop downtown that is still new. They have a creative menu for coffee and food. I especially love them because they use Nicaraguan coffee (My family is Nicaraguan), and of course, I have to support them.

Paris Baguette Bakery Cafe: I enjoy going to Paris Baguette, mostly because I'm obsessed with their fresh fruit pasties. I don't always find their coffee and service to be consistent. They have multiple locations to check out; I'm sure it's a different experience at each one.

Tous Les Jours : This place is another bakery/cafe with a good selection of coffee drinks and pastries -- specializing in French-Asian baked goods; I suggest going earlier in the day while everything is fresh. I am not crazy about their coffee, but I have found some items I like; try their Sweet Corn Cream Donuts.

CFS Coffee (Winter Park) :This CFS is located in Hannibal Square in Winter Park, it's quaint and quiet, and the menu has a good selection of options for coffee (Colombian), breakfast, and lunch. They have multiple locations. I tried their rainbow latte, similar to a lavender latte; it was tasty. I was not a huge fan of the food coloring they added to turn the coffee red.

Cafe Don Juan : Cafe Don Juan serves Puerto Rican coffee, pastries, and baked goods, and offers breakfast and lunch options. For lattes, there are many choices and flavors; I haven't had a latte I didn't like. The space is super chill, not too busy, great place for catching up on work.

Foxtail Coffee Co. : Foxtail is super popular here. I don't feel they have great coffee, but I love how they do coffee and community. They are on the pricey side for coffee ( ex $8 for the latte I get ). It's a good coffee shop to do work, catch up with friends and grab a quick breakfast. The located in Winter Park serves wine which is also a plus.

San Julian's Coffee Bar : I did not enjoy my coffee here, but to be fair, the machine was having issues. I did however, genuinely enjoy the empanadas that I had. Talking to a few regulars, they assured me that the coffee was really good -- I might circle back.

The Bagel Dudes : This place is for bagel + coffee lovers; they have a fun selection of coffee flavors like Almond Joy Mocha, Creme Brûlée, and White Chocolate Chip. I tried The Nova bagel sandwich and wrote about my experience in a previous blog post. (Read Here)

Light on the Sugar Bakery & Cafe : The vibe here matches the name perfectly - light. I love the overall aesthetics and design. Nice place to solo work. They offer coffee, tea, and pastries with an Asian twist.

Craft & Common : Another downtown coffee shop, very chill. They are on a mission to make specialty coffee approachable. I love their menu and their unique lattes.

The Robinson Coffee Room : If you want to be where the cool kids are, this is the place to be. I love coming here, it was my first introduction to shaken expressos which I am really obsessed with, but I actually love their fresh juices. If you're not in the mood for coffee, try a cocktail.

Deeply Coffee & Bottle Shop : I love Deeply, located downtown near Lake Eola. It's such cool vibes, and I enjoy their lattes and trying their seasonal drinks. My favorite thing about Deeply is their natural wine selection.

Barnie's Coffee & Tea Co. : Barnies is a coffee shop in the downtown area of Winter Park. They recently did a renovation which also included expanding their menu offerings. I love their iced lattes, and their outside patio seating is my favorite.

Juan Valdez Colombian Coffee : This coffee shop is easy to miss because between Trader Joe's and Shake Shack in Lakeside Crossing Winter Park. Aside from coffee, the other thing that stands out here is that they serve arepas which I love.

Haan Coffee : Haan is in the Mills 50 District and pays homage to the owner's Korean roots. The space is well-designed. I did not have coffee here because I had coffee from somewhere else; I just happened to see this place. I did try one of their breakfast item, the Croffle, a croissant toasted in a waffle maker topped with honey and almonds, tasty but I was not crazy about it (lol)

Kos : I thought I would love Kos a lot, it wasn't bad, but I had higher hopes. They have two locations, and I have been to both but only had coffee at the new Maitland location. The coffee shop overall was kind-of cold, cute but cold.

Axum Coffee : The latte I had here is one of my TOP. It was so good. Axum is a laidback coffee shop in Winter Garden. Axum is another brand that does coffee and community well.

The Monroe Coffee Bar : The Monroe is a restaurant in the Creative Village in Parramore. They have a coffee bar area inside that is super cute. The space is well-designed. They offer lunch, dinner and brunch. Try the Luxardo Vanilla Latte.

Black Brew Bros Coffee : Although they don't have a physical location, I wanted to include Black Brew Bros Coffee because it's Black Owned and a rare find in Orlando. You can find them at the Lake Eola Farmers Market. They have a great selection of blended coffee drinks.

Canon Coffee : The oddest little coffee shop because it's literally a house. There's a main counter by the kitchen to order, and all the rooms have seating so you can work or eat. They offer breakfast, lunch, baked goods and pastries. After my initial confusion (lol) I was pretty impressed with this place. I order The Poet, honey, lavender latte with oat milk -- good!

Black Bean Deli: I loveeeeee black bean deli because it reminds me of growing up in South Florida. Their iced Cafe Con Leche is a standout item for me and something you should try if you like cafe con leche. Also, they have a great breakfast menu. I always order pastellitos and empanadas.

Nourish Coffee Bar + Kitchen: This coffee bar is inside the Center for Health & Well-Being in Winter Park. I'm obsessed with this place, the wellness program is top notch, and the cafe menu matches the mission effortlessly. They offer all-day breakfast, lunch, and dinner items, baked goods, smoothies, and teas. The Lavender Oat Latte is what I like to order; it's so good! I also really enjoy doing midday walks through their gardens.


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Whewww, if you've made it to the end of the list, thank you! Definitely let me know if there are other places I should try! Email me at

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