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Lunch at Blu On The Avenue in Winter Park | + 3 ways to instantly improve your guest experiences

I’ll be honest, all the food was pretty tasty, I was not disappointed there, however, service was painful and it didn’t have to be.

Curried Clams from Blu On Park Avenue
Blu on Park Avenue Interior | Photo: @theservinggirl

Here’s my full review on

Yelp Review of Blu On Park Avenue
Yelp Review | Photo: @theservinggirl

So that prompted me to share some quick thoughts on how they could instantly improve.

3 Ways to Instantly Improve Guest Experiences

1) One of the best ways to personalize your guest experiences is to offer personalized recommendations, which allows your staff to learn more about what their guests like and share any specials or popular menu items. In my workshop, Menu Knowledge, I help your team improve their menu knowledge to upsell the guest experience, which increases guests' spending and your team's income.

2) Keeping up with your restaurant's image, pre-bussing, or manicuring your tables during service gives the perception of cleanliness and attention to detail. Take this moment to clear off the table of any unnecessary clutter, plates, or trash; the team can also take this moment to inquire about how satisfied the guest is with their food and drink choices or refill any beverages. In my workshop, The Art of Great Service, I teach your team about personalizing the guest experience, perfecting their steps of service and service mistakes, etiquette & tips.

3) A table touch is a simple way to show your guest appreciation. According to, when performed well, a table touch enhances the restaurant experience for diners by bringing an additional human connection and an extra means of support and service to the table.

A visible manager in the dining room helps guests feel safe and secure, increasing guest loyalty. My training, Cultivating Guest Relationships, helps your team learn how to cultivate authentic guest relationships, going in-depth on powerful greetings, body language & self-awareness, and the six keys to relationship building.

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