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Love Surrounding a Set Table by @FoodnGroovin

There is and will always be love surrounding a set table. There is value amongst the food, the hand-crafted napkins, the china, and most importantly within the people that are offered a seat. It is in a way, the first step to creating relationships with the people you love and/or respect. I believe that the table is essentially the foundation in which cultures are shared and love is able to blossom. So, why wouldn’t you set a table?

Okay, hear me out. It’s Saturday. It’s in the middle of May. Southern Magnolias parade with white blossoms as your family gathers amongst a variety of tables within your grandmother's backyard. Your unc’ and aunties scream effortlessly at the spades table, the grill is smoking, devil eggs and collard greens are being prepared within the quaint kitchen that is now immersed with laughter. Cornbread sits patiently within a cast iron skillet on the back right eye on the stove. Everything is where it needs to be!

--“Baby !”

“Yes, grandma.”

--“Can you grab me some plates, forks, and spoons so we can set this table?”

“Yes, grandma.”

-“and baby?”

“Yes, grandma?”

-- “can you gone head and grab the food and place it on the table?”

”Yes, grandma!”

--” And make sure you grab that cornbread off the stove baby!”

“Yes, grandma.”

I often can recall the times in which I gathered around a table with my family. The essence of soul food has always had the power to bring my family together. A widespread of emotions act out vigorously to accompany the food.

Can you imagine it?!

The table acts as a vessel. It has the ability to transform emotions within rooms, speak on matters that are forever important (bonds, love, and respect), and if set properly can greatly influence the aesthetics of the food that is served. It is vital that we learn to properly set a table to make our family/friends feel welcomed. It’s a statement piece. It is a gathering place for both people and things. “The value of a table, like all pieces of furniture, lies in its history. We might make it, but the furniture, in turn, makes us. It shapes us, defines us, and determines our everyday lives.”


Thank you, Chris Campbell FOOD'N GROOVIN, Owner

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