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4 First Date Tips from @DishWithChris, Food Influencer

Hello, My name is Chris the content creator of dishwithchris. Usually, when I’m not working, I’m somewhere indulging in some good food, sipping on a latte, or working on some film photography. Since I’ve started my food page a few years ago, I always get asked what's the best restaurant for a first date and I’m always speechless. So now that I have some time I have a few tips on finding the perfect restaurant for a first date.

1. Great Atmosphere

Choose a restaurant that has a great atmosphere. It’s nothing like good vibes and great energy that will help the date go smoothly. I love a restaurant that has nice aesthetics and views. Take the time and do your research, look at yelp or google to view pictures, and read reviews.

2. Options

Unless you and your date already had discussions about your favorite cuisines. I suggest finding a restaurant that has seafood, Vegan, and meat options. It’s nothing like variety. Don't forget to ask your date if they have any allergies and dietary restrictions.

One of my highly recommended restaurants that would make great date option would be

Two Urban Licks - Incredible Ambience, contemporary decor, great service, and the menu has great options. I suggest ordering the salmon chips. Trust me you won't be disappointed!

Address: 820 Ralph McGill Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA 30306

3. Cost

Now don’t go broke trying to impress your date and take them to a Michelin five-star restaurant, now if you have it like that by all means spend that check. When in doubt just keep it cute and simple. Sometimes it's best to choose a restaurant that you’ve been to before, it makes it much easier to recommend some of your favorite items off the menu. You can even choose somewhere that might show off personality.

4. Don’t be tardy

It’s nothing worse than being late, that would be a little awkward and rude. If you have reservations at 7:30 pm I would say get there a little early before your date arrives and if you want to be a little extra maybe have some flowers. Now that would put a smile on their face.

Hopefully, these easy tips will help you find that perfect restaurant for that first date. Remember keeping it cute and simple can go a long way.

Christopher Haney

Food Influencer | @DishWithChris

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