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3 Yelp Features That I Love Using

I love yelp! I use it all the time to look up what is near me when I'm hungry or I'm trying out a new business. I find that using the yelp app has definitely helped me save time and money as well as keep up to date and informed on whats happening around the city. There are so many features in yelp and many questions that work with yelp to give you features like booking reservations or appointments, placing to go orders, and network with other yelpers in your area. Here are three features that make my foodie lifestyle so much better.

1. Cash Back $$$: I was super excited when Yelp added a cash back option in the app. I love to eat out and its definitely a big expense. All I had to do was enter my debit card info to link my account and start eating and earning cash back. What I really love is that you can enter cash back in the search bar and a list of restaurants who offer the deal will pop up. The cash back option ranges from 5%-7% back which I think is great because every little bit counts.

2. Events: When I first moved to Atlanta, I really loved exploring the city, being apart of the Yelp Elite Community really exposed me to the food and drinks lifestyle network. This was so perfect for me because not only do I love eating but I also worked at a restaurant so it was great checking out different food spots. Events section in the app like over 50 events happening around Atlanta from food festivals, wine tastings, to farmers markets. Its a great resource to staying up to date and informed. With each new season there's so much to do in Atlanta. Also a great resource for travelers, tourist, newcomers or city explorer.

3. Collections: The yelp Collections are really cool because they are curated lists to help you find your next experience. They have everything from "Best Brunch Spots" to an "Atlanta Weekly Roundup" Most of the list are based on yelp reviews and you even have the option to create and publish your own collections. Right now I'm working on a collections featuring late night spots and my favorite brunch spots.

I hope you guys go and check out the yelp out. I actually recommend that you even join the yelp elite community. if you love food, people and cultures definitely use it. Its so much fun meeting new people and trying out different restaurants and businesses in your local area. Its also definitely a playground for foodies, and bloggers too. If you are activate on yelp, let me know how you like it and what features you enjoy the most.

I would love to hear from you guys! Let me know what apps you love to use for all you foodie needs. Follow me!!






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