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The Serving Girl Company is a lifestyle brand where passion for food and hospitality meets connecting and authentic community-building.

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The Heart of
Human Experiences

Our Story

The Serving Girl Company was created in 2018 to explore our connections between people, food, and cultures. We get to the heart of human experiences through curated events, intimate conversations, and creative collaborations. As a lifestyle brand, we are passionate about advocating for the representation of black creatives and professionals in the restaurant industry, as well as supporting black businesses and brands in hospitality with our philosophy

Eat, Drink, Dine, Enjoy -- Black

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Meet The Serving Girl,
Jazmine N. Hodgson

Food & Lifestyle Enthusiast

My love for people, food, and cultures inspired me to create The Serving Girl Company. After ten years of working in the service industry, I decided to create a lifestyle brand that reflects my passion for food & dining, social media, and curating events. I love connecting with people, learning about different cultures, and trying new restaurants and local spots! I'm passionate about supporting emerging brands, black businesses, and creative professionals in hospitality. I strive to enhance guest experiences and improve toxic restaurant cultures. If you are interested in working with me, send me an email!

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