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Our Philosophy: 
Eat. Drink. Dine

We're here to serve authentic
experiences that cultivate genuine conversations, passionate communities and long-lasting friendships.


The Serving Girl Lifestyle


From social media content, marketing campaigns and hosting social events, we help create brand awareness and connect with your supporters IRL.

For The Love of Hospitality


Educational, highly engaging and interactive, our training program teaches a modern, culturally relevant and approachable standard of service.

Happy Dining Wellness

Certified Coaching

Reduce stress and promote well-being with wellness initiatives, group coaching & one-one sessions for personal and professional development.

Meet our Founder

Jazmine N. Hodgson


The Serving Girl Company was inspired by my love for staff training, social media, and dining out. I love connecting with the amazing people in my local food communities and I'm very passionate about supporting emerging brands, black businesses and creative professionals in hospitality.

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The Tampa Experience

7th & Grove | Testimonial

Jazmine came down and really helped us create a culture of customer service here, from understanding what it really is, and what the customers really want. She was professional, on time, and also engaging. A lot of the employees really loved her and gravitated towards her. She was excellent! We would recommend The Serving Girl Company to any restaurant that is about to open or any restaurant that needs help with leadership, customer service skills, and navigating conflict resolution! Thank you so much, Jazmine!